Born & raised in a small town, I’m a bit more adventurous than some but nevertheless I love photographing natural moments & stunning details. I’m drawn to the beauty of fine art but still love a cozy event as well. I greatly enjoy documenting beautiful moments that will be cherished forever. Creating legacy artwork for my clients bring me so much joy.  I want my clients to walk away with photos that they will still love after generations. Images that will be enduring no matter what life brings you. With a Major in Commercial Photography and a Minor in Advertising & Branding I'm able to bring a wide variety of expertise to the company and our clients.

Being the co-owner and editor of The Primrose Bridal Journal has been an amazing opportunity & allows me to be involved with some of the industry’s best business owners. It’s also allowed connections with others that wouldn’t have been possible without The Primrose Bridal Journal. Connecting with others is so so important. I am so happy I get to create a beautiful magazine for you all!

Torianna Brooke
Co-Owner & Editor

High school student and big dreamer turned industry-leading photographer.



I am an educator gone rogue! I love learning, educating, creating/designing and helping others be successful. It is interesting how that all fits together in ways most do not think about. I believe I have used being creative in many ways in helping others be successful. After all, isn’t that what designing curriculum as an educator is all about; helping others be successful?  

I absolutely love beautiful imagery and have likely driven my family crazy with constantly snapping pictures over the years. Dreaming up amazing details and seeing them come together in a beautiful representation of love, of skills, of teams working together, is exciting and fulfilling to me. Being the co-owner and co-creative director of The Primrose Bridal Journal affords me the opportunity to continue what I love doing; being creative and helping others be successful in various ways in life and business.  

Sharon Cobb
Co-Owner & Co-Creative Director

Science teacher turned into multi-business owner and entrepreneur.



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